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Brain V2 Bus Board (upgrading a V1 system)

edited May 2013 in Hardware

Hi everyone,
I recently purchased a Brain V2 Bus board. I'm upgrading my brain V1 since it doesn't support toggle function.
The problem is I'm not sure about how to update the firmware.
I thought i'd need a pickit programmer. (As i updated the V1 firmware).
But instruction on the wiki mentions bootloader pins and a simple USB connection.
I'm confused.
Does the booloader thing works only when you have a V2.1.0 to update to a V2.1.1?
I see nothing concerning the upgrade from a V1 to a V2...

What do i got to do?
Can anybody help?


  • The v1 firmware does not have a bootloader mode. You will have to use the PICKit programmer. Have you ordered one?

  • Hey Mark!
    Yes, i have.
    I tried the bootloader, it didn't work. So i did the pic programming. It's working now. Thanks.

    Faders and pots: no probs.
    Nevertheless, only 12 diodes of my 16B light up.
    I assume the led header's matrix runs on two colomns and 6 rows. It makes buttons light up random leds.
    Looks like i still have things to sort out...

  • So you have Brain v1 or v2 now?

  • edited May 2013

    V2, Jay.

    And i figured out what the problem is...
    You changed the led matrix implantation...?

    The omniboard V.1 LED MATRIX pin header was:
    LC2 LR2 LC4 LC6 LC8
    LC1 LR1 LC3 LC5 LC7

    The LED HEADER on the brain V2 is now:
    LC2 LC4 LR2 LR4 LR6
    LC1 LC3 LR1 LR3 LR4

    I presume i can forget the ribbon cable connections.
    And move on to the led and button matrix...

  • If you are trying to connect a v2 to an omni board you should just use a ribbon cable.

    The 14 pin LED header on the v1 has 8 rows and 6 columns.

    Each 10 pin LED header on the v2 (bus board) has 4 columns 6 rows.

  • edited May 2013

    The LED matrix 10 pin header of the omniboard has 2 rows and 8 columns.
    The LED 10 pin header of the brain V2 has 4 rows and 6 columns
    So, for a 16B module, if i use a 10 pin ribbon cable to connect the two, i connect rows 1&2 of the omniboard to columns 3&4 of the brain. No good, isn't it?

    If i want to use ribbon cables, and get my 2 rows and 8 columns, i'll probaly have to strip it connect rows 1&2 and columns 1 to 6 in L1, and connect the two other columns in L2.

  • The LED matrix 10 pin header on the omni board is a 4 column 6 row matrix. The forth column is ignored because it is not needed.

    Yes the Brain is 4 column 6 row for LED's.

    For a 16B you connect a 10 pin ribbon cable from the 1st button header on the v2 to the button header on the omni board. Then you connect a ribbon cable from the 1st LED header on the v2 to the LED header on the omni board.

    Why are you trying to change the column and row configuration? Omni boards are made to connect directly to the brain with 10 pin ribbon cables.

  • Wait, i'm absolutly not trying to change any configuration... There's a misunderstanding.
    All i want is to understand why my 16b win't light up properly.

    "The LED matrix 10 pin header on the omni board is a 4 column 6 row matrix. "
    Well, according to
    It's not:

    "Ribbon Cable Header Pin Out

    LEDmatrix (LEDs)

    • pin1 - column1
    • pin2 - column2
    • pin3 - row1
    • pin4 - row2
    • pin5 - row3
    • pin6 - row4
    • pin7 - row5
    • pin8 - row6
    • pin9 - row7
    • pin10-row8"


  • I will fix the incorrect documentation on the wiki. Sorry for this!

    Have you tried just connecting a ribbon cable the way I described? What seems to be the problem?
  • edited May 2013

    Come on...
    Even the building helper says it's 2 colmuns 8 rows:

    • Solder the first red wire and the second wire of the (LEDmatrix) ribbon cable to the first available consecutive LC(LED column) pin holes in the button matrix section of the breakout board
    • Solder wires 3 - 10 of the (LEDmatrix) ribbon cable to the next available consecutive LR(LED row) pin holes in the button matrix section of the breakout board"

    Pin 1&2 => Columns
    Pin 3 to 10 => Rows

  • edited May 2013

    "What seems to be the problem?"
    The problem is that LEDS 01, 02, 09 and 10 won't light up. (I also have a 8K8B, same thing)
    And because i believe the brain is unable to scan them, buttons light up the wrong led when pressed.

    So maybe the Elements module aren't, maybe the omni RGB aren't, but my omniboards definitly are 2 rows and 8 columns. Here is a video i made:

    Given the LED 10 pin header of the brain V2 has 4 rows and 6 columns, for a 16B module, using a 10 pin ribbon cable, is connecting rows 1&2 of the omniboard to columns 3&4 of the brain. What makes leds electronicaly blocked. (Columns sending 1v, rows : ground)

    Here is an other video where i stripped down a ribbon cable and used columns 1&2 and rows 1 to 6 in L1 pin header, and connect the two last rows in L2.

    The tests i ran burned leds, fixing them fucked the board. I'M IN HEAVEN.

    I bought a brain V1 to realise i needed a breakboard that was no longer available.
    I built a breakboard to realise the V1 was not offering toggle option.
    And now that i uprgaded to V2 i'm thinking it is not meant to work with my omniboards??

  • edited May 2013

    I think i found out.
    What have you changed between omniboard V1.0 and 1.2.3...? I'm curious.

    V1.0 Led Matrix is 2 columns 8 rows. (see previous posts)

    From this picture, it looks like V1.2.3 has a different Led matrix : 4 columns 6 rows... (pin header holes / bottom left)

    This would explain why my omniboards (V1.0) won't work with my upgraded brain (V2.0).

  • I'm thinking of buying a brain V2 bus board as well to upgrade my V1, but I'm not really sure how the process goes. 

    How do you connect the brain to the programmer in a picKit 2? and
    Once connected, do I use the HID Bootloader or the PicKit software?

    Any help?
  • You would use the pickit2 software and connect to JP5, the program header. Be sure to match the white arrow on the board with the white arrow on the pickit2.

    Then just add the bus board and you're done!

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