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Cntrl:r Traktor encoders.

Hey there.

Wanted to first say thanks to Livid for making such a great controller. I'm loving all of the intricate things that can be done with such a straight forward design.

Second, I was starting to use cntrl:r with traktor, and was noticing for the seek and browse features that they can only seek or browse within their 0-127 midi values, so it's impossible to seek through a whole song, or browse through my whole playlist. 

Is it possible to change this? I would have thought so granted that they are rotary encoders.

I appreciate the help.


  • oops, didn't notice there was a somewhat similar post already. but I still don't understand how to make it work. 

  • It should work with inc/dec mode.

  • Thanks for the response.

    What is inc/dec mode ?
  • inc/dec stands for relative mode. instead of sending absolute values from 0-127, the controller sends relative incrementals depending on the rotation direction. always use that mode for scrolling within traktor, or any knob you'd possibly want to reset on push :)

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