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Code Firmware Update Problem

edited May 2013 in Hardware

Hello everyone!

So, i noticed that with Code V2 Editor a new firmware is required. So i accessed the firmware update section and downloaded a file: code_207_BL.hex
I followed the wiki instructions and managed to get mphidflash running in Terminal. I've put the Code in bootloader mode and run the terminal procedure. In the end i got a similar result like yours.


Now, as you can see from the screen when i open the COde Editor, the program can't find the unit anymore. I've tried this even with the previous version of the Code Editor and yet NO answer. It was working just fine right before i did this firmware update :/ Worst thing is that it doesn't even send or receive midi in ANY daw (logic, ableton, Pro Tools...).
Now, i know you staff guys are busy, but PLEASE help me out on this one!!!


  • Btw i've opened the Max window to see what's going on, and as you can see the firmware results as updated...image

    Have no idea whatsoever on what to do next :/
  • Further update..i managed to get the code up & running! It was a conflict in the midi configurations. Now i can see midi in from the code into the editor :)

    However i still can't get the code to map anything on Ableton. Any idea why?!
  • Have you selected the code in your midi preferences?

  • Yepp! The code can now be seen by the Editor but still i can't map anything on ableton! Works in others DAWs thou...

  • Try downloading a program called midi monitor for mac or midi ox for windows. You can run it in the background while you are trying to map things. 

    Can you post a picture of your settings please?
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