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For Sale: Livid Instruments OhmRGB Slim -$350

edited May 2013 in Hardware

Hey guys I have an excellent condition OhmRGB slim. I bought it for use with ableton and it works splendidly for that but I have since started to rely heavily on Maschine for most of my production/sequencing (I prefer the workflow) and rarely use ableton (except for mixing/mastering). It has since been used sparingly for its faders and not much else. I feel like it's a waste to have a $550 machine just for its faders so I bought a used traktor kontrol f1 to use for my ableton/fader purposes. I'm asking for $350 plus shipping. It's in like new condition I have never taken it out of my house and it's never been bumped around or scratched or anything like that. You can find them online for $550 new, and they have some B stock/demo models from Livid Instruments themselves for around $500. This is loads cheaper than anything you can find. I even posted this myself on ebay/amazon for higher prices (cause of seller fees) so this is honestly the cheapest you'll probably find one. I'm just a broke college student needing to shed some unused gear for cash. Email me at if you're interested. I'm also open to trades (I may be broke but I still got some gear itch hahah), ideally I'd like an Alesis Micron/Akai Miniak since their discontinued and hard to find, but if you're a good salesman I might be interested in what you have lol. Thanks for looking at this listing!

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