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Serious Livid Code V2 problems

My setup:

Remote 37 SL
APC 40
Traveler Audio/MIDI interface
Livid Code V2
Windows 7 64 laptop

My issue:

When MIDI mapping the Code in Ableton 8.2, CC22 will replace whatever new assignment I make in a second or two after assigning it.  Despite trying to workaround the issue by assigning MIDI mapping quickly and exiting out of the assignment mode before the Code changes the assignment to CC22, functionality is unreliable at best.  I'm going to try the online editor when I get home tonight (both of the CODE software editors are extremely buggy in my environment, throwing up JRE errors and such), but does anyone know why the code would be spamming CC22 as an assignment for whatever pot/fader I am trying to control?

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • edited May 2013

    You probably need to determine where that CC22 is coming from, first of all.  Have you tested this without anything but the Code connected to your computer?  If so, is the result the same? 

    If it is, indeed, coming from the Code, what control on the Code is assigned to CC22?  (you should be able to determine by looking in the default, this would be encoder on column 6, row 2).  Does the encoder work correctly?

  • When I get home, I'll unplug everything else and test by itself, then update.

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