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CNTRL:R's new firmware bug

edited April 2013 in Hardware


I wanted my cntrl:r to have the lastest firmware so I download the one on the support page ( v108 )  and installed it following the instruction on the wiki. 

Now, there are really strange things happening and its more buggy than ever.

My setup:

Macbook Pro late 2011 15" - quadcore 2 Ghz i7 - 8g RAM
OS X 10.7.5
Ableton Live 8.4.1 w/ Max4Live (Max 5)
Just so you know, I don't use the livid script with live, only custom user mapping, and a " user configuration " generic control surface script pointed at the cntrl:r. but all the behaviors below seems to happen whenever Live is open or not.

1. The first thing I witness was that it now take 3 to 4 second to turn on completely. The top left encoder ring led is oscillating between what appears to be value 1 and 2 (doesn't send any value via midi though) until my custom LED colors maping appears ( a sign that the memory has been loaded I presume). After that, half of the time, the cntrl:r doesn't seem to send nor receive any value. I have to unplug the unit and than replug wishing it will work this time... 

2. Second bug, The encoder's ring led doesn't move at all even if the encoder send midi data. The only way to make the encoder's ring led follow data is to activate the " LED local control " on the online livid editor but not on the former software editor. Witch is odd 'cause all the buttons work properly (back and forth with Live) with local control off and I never needed to activate local control to make the encoder work properly.

3. This may be an editor bug, but it seem that this firmware is not working well with the former software editor ( witch had feature the online one doesn't like encoder ring mode, bank edit??? , presets, etc. ) . Changing CC # and note # still works but the cntrl doesn't seem to respond to the other ones. And the new online editor is at a testing state so lots of bug (witch is normal). So I have to mix both editor to achieve what I want...

My CNTRL:R always has been a little buggy but the main fonction always worked really well and it is an amazing piece of gear. But now, I don't know if a can trust it anymore for live gigs, and I have one on friday :( 

Do I need to upload the old firmware? Can I?  Is that a kind of beta firmware for the online editor?



  • Thanks for the fast answer Moon! I'll test the issues and will get back to you!

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