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New old Ohm/Traktor pro2

edited April 2013 in Hardware

I just bought a Ohm 36 button in a wood case. It was a demo, that they sold to me at a good price. Is there anything I need to know before, I start mapping the Ohm  in Traktor Pro2. on windows ?

I have a Traktor S4 and  F1. I'm using a korg NanoKontrol for all the effects and hot keys,
My plan is to replace the Korg NanoKontrol with the Ohm.
Is traktor Pro2 going to see my Ohm after I put the driver.
Should I install the drivers, that are in the box since 2009 or I should try to find a newer version of the drivers.
Is there any skin's for the Ohm.?
Thanks for any advice.



  • It should work just fine. I don't know of any mappings for this unit as it doesn't have LED feedback, but it should work just fine. Check out the newer drivers from the downloads section of our site.

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