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edited April 2013 in Hardware

Hi is it possible to get a led blinking 

in my previous mapping in traktor with an apc-40 i had the possibility to make a button blink when the control track end was inserted 
now that I own a livid cntrl:r 

i'm remapping it as my previous template but can't seem to make that function work 

let me know thnx in advance 

sincerely yann 


  • edited May 2013

    Do the Cntrl:R LEDs include a "blinking" state?

    Have not found this but is it possible to program such thing with the editor ?
  • We do not have a blinking indicator, only 7 colors and off. Ableton has some built in blinking functions for instance when you launch a clip. You can write a script to get blinking behavior. 

  • I would like to know how but it's for in Traktor that i would need this  ?

  • For CNTRL:R I use beat phase monitor in Traktor set with following:

    controller range min: -0.5 ; max: 0
    invert check
    blend uncheck

  • cool might try that out now never done it like this ;) 

    but i want to use this with the track end command 
  • That requires routing MIDI back to Traktor and using the End Warning led output to trigger a modifier condition which activate the beat phase. It's quite complex workaround but it works. However I never mastered the flash state to go off when I click anywhere in the track before end warning marker or if I use a hotcue to jump there (as normal e.w. behavior). Instead, I've mapped the modifier to go 0 when I press pause button.

  • I tried that before but as you say i also had the problem that the led kept on blinking i'll try it again :) or look for a workaround thnx 4 letting me know 

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