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lost in the block...

edited November -1 in Hardware
hi there.

iam a pianist and sax player mainly playing free jazz...recently i got interested in some electronic compositions and so i purchased ableton live as well as a couple of soft synth. my friend also gave me his old reason 4 just to add some overload...

iam completly new to this world but iam rather interested. on my search for a midi controller i stumbled upon the livid block and loved the philosophy behind the controller. so i bought it, received it, plugged it and was ready to role...

but nothing works...reason does not recognize the controller, ableton does but no functions respond and with my soft synth i can only play the notes but not program sequences.

i also downloaded livid step and the standalone version...both of them wont install on my windows vista pc..

no idea what to do with the editor either..

my idea was to use the block to sequence some drums and synth and to improvise on top with my sax, piano and hardware synth and there are plenty of videos of people sequencing on youtube and vimeo but i cant do a thing!

i spend plenty time reading through manuals that are completly over my head. am i too old to get into this?

please help me out can i sequence soft synth, reason redrum, etc... how do i use the editor, etc... how do i get step standalone running?

i know iam asking for a lot but i would love to enter this new world. any hints or comments are appreciated,


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