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Python resources

edited April 2013 in Software Discussion

Greetings fellow Lividians. I was wondering what is the best book or website for a greenhorn like myself to learn Python basics?


P Wig


  • I'm kind of a mutant since I've basically learned Python from Google searches whilst dissecting Live's _Framework scripts, so beginner advice is not necessarily my strong suit.  For bare essentials, the pages are a good reference, and for Live/_Framework related stuff (I'm making the assumption that its the reason your interested in learning Python), I definitely suggest checking out Hanz Petrov's blog to get a feel for what's going on.  Unfortunately, since Live uses a custom compiled Python interpreter that we don't have access to source code of, some of the standard rules for Python coding and debugging don't apply, so its somewhat of a "dark art" to get things working.  I'm always glad to answer questions about specifics if I can ;)

  • Thanks. I'm actually thinking about trying my hand at writing an Ohm RGB script for Bitwig Studio, due to be released this summer. I'll most likely end up leaving such a task to those who know better, but I felt it couldn't hurt to know a little bit.

    Bitwig will run on three platforms (OSX, Windows, Linux)

    Thanks again,

    P Wig
  • You won't need Python for bitwig....their control surface implementation is done in javascript.  I'm personally looking forward to this change of pace from Ableton's _Framework....I love Python in its own way, but development time is generally much shorter for interpreted languages, and changes in Live9 have made programming their backend even more difficult than it already was without official support ;)

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