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Can I configure cntrlr buttons to be toggles?

edited April 2013 in Hardware

Noob question. Is this possible and, if so, can it be done from the cntrlr editor?




  • yes it can, we just made a firmware update that will work with the online editor. We will have it posted later this week.

  • Thanks Jay!


  • Hello there I cant seem to get the firmware to work properly, Im able to load it usccesfully  in to the unit,  however the togle fuction does not seem to work for me and also the encoders dont seem to respond to the fill or walk option (led) in fact they go the otehr dicrection as I turn the knob :S Im super confused!! 

  • there should be a reverse encoder option in the editor. you are using the online version correct?

  • I had to roll back to old firmware , :'( for some reason the reverse function encoder option (online Editor)  would refuse to work on my Cntlr 

  • Working great for me. 

    Thanks Jay. 
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