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Brain Jr question

edited March 2013 in Hardware

First of all when are they expected to be back in stock? Also I want to make  a Midi controlled single pole 3 position switch when the switch is in the middle the value of the switch should be 50 and when moved to the left it should be under 40 and when moved to the right it should be over 82.

I assume all of this can be done with sysEx? I'm new to trying to figure this out so I don't know how the code should start out.



  • We will have them back in stock next week, but they will probably go very fast!

    You are talking about fixing those values with MIDI notes? Yeah that can be done with the editor.
  • Well fixing those values with a control change message

    I assume everything can be changed via the Brian Configure?

    Hopefully I will be able to get one!

  • edited March 2013

    Only thing I can't figure out is in the brain configure software I assume the switch would be under digital would the setting be under button maps or under hardware config?

    btw the switch looks like this

  • Nevermind I found the switch but I need to know if I place an order will enough be in stock or will I just be waiting for the next batch?

  • we will have them in stock next week, so if it's ordered it will go out with the next batch.

  • Sounds good, placed my order this morning.

  • What are the dimensions on the PCB?

  • One other question.. How will this work say I have a 3 position switch like this one here,_pickups/Components:_Switches_and_knobs/CRL_Lever_Switches.html?tab=Pictures

    It seems to be a make before break switch so when I switch positions how will the Midi CC#'s handle that? Would I have issues?

  • just by seeing it I would think it would do what you want. You'll need to use it as a digital connection and change the note to cc.

  • So under the Brain V2 config this would be under the button settings? My Brain jr wont be here until the 11th so I can't see all the options yet.

  • The options are basically all the same except less ID's.

  • Just came today :) Things work out better when you have it in front of you.

  • Yep! Have fun :)

  • One thing that has me confused is this switch it's a 3 position switch but each position I need it to send the same CC# but a different value.. but in the config program for the button setting it seems to be geared more for a potentiometer then a switch.

  • Ok testing with the 3-way switch now and I have some issues, each position needs to send on CC#1

    so lets say the left most position is going to send CC#1 with a value of 42, the next position of the switch would be CC#1 60 and the right most position would be CC#1 127

    What I'm seeing here is nothing, I put the LED's in each spot in which I'm guessing they should light up..

    In the config program for the button setting I have ID 1 set to CC but getting nothing at all.

  • Do you have a link to the data sheet for the 3-way switch?

  • edited April 2013

    Hi MikeCL, I've had some success connecting multi-position switches (12-position in my case) to a single analog input using a configuration of resistors and I think this could give you the results you are looking for with your 3-position switch. I don't remember exactly how the connections went, but I can check later if you need more details. Basically you can connect resistors of different values to each switch position so that it sort of simulates different positions of a potentiometer, e.g. one position might go straight to ground, one would have a 50k ohm resistor, one would have 100k ohm resistor (I just made those values up as an example). And if I remember correctly the thing you want to avoid is having the analog input got straight to voltage, but maybe one of the Livid folks can confirm that, so the thing that's hard is getting the full CC value range 0-127, so like in your example for CC#1 you might end up with values 0,30,60. But if all you need is just 3 different values for each of your switch positions then this should work for you.

  • Mark here is a picture of the switch mine looks just like this one

    It has a upper and lower lugs, I'm using all upper lugs and I confirmed with my meter that they make contact.. maybe the issue is the make-before-break?

    This is what the settings look like in the config program.


  • wait a sec.. I see the activity in the tools section when I switch to one of the positions it sends note 1 64 ch 1 and switching off of it sends note 1 0 ch 1

  • OK I got at least one part working however my LED's are not lighting up to how the switch is thrown.. but running into an issue.. OK I get CC#1 127 shown and CC#1 0 when switched in the middle.. the middle should be a value of 42 instead of 0.. How can I fix that?

    For some reason when I changed the MIDI number it ended up messing up the value when I was looking under tools.. and btw do I need to connect the ground to each pin across from pin on the board?

  • Ok what about get 3 "trim" pots and wire them so that the switch selects one at a time to be connected to a single analog input. Once they are hooked up you can trim each one to get whatever specific CC values you need them to be.

  • The trim pots can be any value right? I have a bunch of 100K trim pots.

    I was looking at the brain jr wiki and I don't understand this right here

    The wire example with the arcade switch it seems like grounding all the analog pins will cause the midi value to be 64?

    How about this? I put 2 trim pots on the analog part and adjust to what I need and omit the 3rd because it gives me the 127 I need?

    Does that sound right?

  • edited April 2013

    Hmm will be interesting to get all 3 trimpots to work right

  • Ok I got it, I did have to change one of them because it was only going up to 84 as the highest but the replacement one is 119 so that's good enough..

    You can see the project here

    One other thing.. So what is the LED for? Can I make it turn on for each switch position? I assume 1 LED for each CC? Also why is it when I plug in the USB that the LED flashes like 3 times and my settings don't seem to be saved? I have to go into the brain config and click on restore settings then save to brain in order for it to work right..

  • Very cool! This should give you some good information for the LED's:

    About the triple blink, I have have not seen that before. Are you sending AND saving to the Brain Jr., then when you disconnect and reconnect the settings are not saved? You may want to try a firmware update.
  • edited April 2013

    One thing I notice is when plugging in the brain jr in again the settings wont show up and I have to do a default reset to get it to show again, or it will do the 3 LED blink if I have a LED plugged into the LED socket.. in that case the settings wont show and I still have to do a reset.

    And yes I send and save to the Brain jr. it makes it pretty pointless right now because the settings don't stick.

    In the process right now of changing the trimpot to resistors now.

  • Mark I still can't get the LED to light up.. I'm using the analog connection so say I want the LED to light up when CC#1 is at 40

    I have note midi set to 40 and enabled and for the LED I have ID 1 set to 40 and group size of 1 and set to walk.. It does nothing.

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