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MIDI Xylophone based on Brain v2

edited March 2013 in Hardware
Hello everybody. 

I want to start this conversation with the hope to get the right information about possibilities of the Brainv2.

I started work on the controller that combines xylophone and midi keyboard. 
in general, instrument is similar to Alternatemode's Malletkat. 

Originally I planned to make it based on Arduino Mega but unfortunately it has only 16 analog inputs. 
I focused on instrument with two octaves and in this case, I need at least 24 analog inputs. 
I understand the brain has such quantity inputs for this needs?  
If more i want to connect force sensing resistors to a rubber pads and then transfer the pressure information to the midi with Brainv2. 
This is posible? 
in any case, I would be grateful for any information. 
and I apologize for my English.

Thanks Kirill.


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