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ableton blinking and cntrl:r editor not responding

edited March 2013 in Hardware

dear livid, dear readers,

I have just plugged in my cntrl:r into ableton live 9 suite to midi map it.

using it with a mac book pro retina os x 10.8.2.

it looks like it's not responding.

in details, the parameters in ableton keep blinking. like, if I want to map a send/return, the midi channel keeps blinking and in the midi tab the values keep going like crazy from one number to another.

I know this sounds retarded and I'm pretty sure I'm f***in up something :D :D

first of all: what do I have to download to have cntrl:r working? the editor, the apps? are they necessary?

I don't want any pre-map whatsoever.

and the editor itself looks like it's freakin out.

plus: in the ableton midi section, when I scroll down the controller surface menu, the cntrl:r isn't there. it's only in the input/output menu.

the absolute/relative menu isn't working either.

one more: I downloaded the midi monitor from snoize for os x: nothing happens if the cntrl:r is plugged in the left usb port. when it's in the right usb, it keeps sending midi messages uncontrollably.

kinda messy.

thank you very much.


  • Im already assisting you with this same question through the helpdesk. So I will be continuing the conversation there.

  • thank you.

    it keeps getting worse and worse.    
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