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[Cell DNA] Converting video clips to work?

edited March 2013 in Software Discussion

I could use some clarification on how to convert video files to work with Cell DNA.  I have been unable to get anything to work, despite my files playing fine in Quicktime (which is on my PC).

My process so far to make files work is: I use Avidemux (a powerful free converter) to convert videos to .mp4 files.  These files do not play in Quicktime, and do not show thumbnails in Windows Explorer.  Then, I convert these files into Quicktime .mov files using WinFF (a front-end to ffmpeg).  These converted files look and play perfectly in video players on my PC (Quicktime, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, etc) , but do not play within Cell DNA (where they just show a black preview window). 

Any idea what is wrong?   The Media Info on these files is here: ; Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

P.S. I understand that MPEG4 is not the preferred video format for Cell DNA... but I cannot figure out how to convert to PhotoJpeg (Avidemux can't do it; it has an option for MJPEG, but that just gives me a "bit rate too low" error).  Also, I've tried MPEGstreamclip, but it doesn't recognize my source file - which is MPEG-4v2.  I also have installed the K-Lite codec pack (Mega) - no difference.



  • Whoops... here's the link to the Media Info on my video files that work in Quicktime (but not in Cell DNA):

  • Thanks Jay... actually, I have read through the Preparing Content wiki section many times. Still can't figure this out. The videos I'm converting are simple clips downloaded from Vimeo's Creative Commons section.

    Is there a step-by-step process you'd recommend for conversion of these into a Cell DNA-readable format? I think I've tried every combination of encoding/conversion possible using both Avidemux and WinFF (FFmpeg).

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