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Cell DNA: Remote control from a laptop?

edited March 2013 in Software Discussion

I've been trying out the Cell DNA demo, and it seems very powerful & comprehensive.  I'm particularly interested in using the Cell DNA control device (the Max for Live device from within Ableton 8) to remotely control the full standalone app on another computer via ethernet.

For some reason, I can't get that part to work.  I have pinged the two computers before trying this, and they are definitely "seeing" each other (and I know the IP addresses are correct and have entered it into Cell DNA's configure screen).  But it doesn't work.  Question: Is this a common problem?  Is there an easy fix or things I should check on before giving up on it?

From what I can gather from researching this so far, Cell DNA's control panel on one machine can control another Cell DNA load on another machine - is this assumption correct?  I understand that:

- Cell DNA communicates over Port 8000 by default;
- The GUI's placeholder defaults are localhost, with a send and receive port of zero.
- The network's config options don't appear to need to be set-up on the Cell DNA "master", just on the slave (as long as you are communicating over Port 8000).  Is this corrent?  Does anything need to be modified on the server side to make this work?  What needs to be entered in on the client side?

Thanks in advance for all your help and support! FYI, I'm using Windows 7 and an isolated wired LAN between the two machines.



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