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Problems installing OhmModes Remote Script for Ableton

edited March 2013 in Software Discussion

Downloaded correct files for OS X and when I go to install, I get OSStatus error. Anyone having this problem? Im running OS X 10.8.2



  • Hm...could be a permissions error, thanks to "Gatekeeper." You can disable Gatekeeper in OS X or manually install the script:

    Control-click on the Ableton icon and "Show Package Contents," and copy the OhmModes folder to /Applications/Live 8.x.x/ Remote Scripts/
    Similarly, copy the folder with the Max For Live devices to 
    ~/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect
    (you may need to show the Library: option-click the Go menu in Finder and choose Library. When it opens, drag the Library folder into Finder's sidebar and it will always be available)

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