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Ohm user mapping sending data to ext inst?

edited February 2013 in Software Discussion


think i might have found another bug in the script for the "ohm modes ableton live remote script".

In ableton my Ohm RGB and DSI tetr4 (hardware synht) are both connected with usb.

if im using one of the modslot to manually assign something (no stepp:r involved here) lets say the on/off button of an eq (a toggle message) to any of the 8x8 button grid, my button is effectively working (lighting green) BUT the button is sending his data (for exemple note C3) to my Synth withtout any external instrument anywhere on my session!

thats seems pretty strange to me!haha

any idea? 


  • There must be midi routed to the tetra somehow? Do you have "Remote" enabled for the tetra out in the MIDI Prefs?

  • "Do you have "Remote" enabled for the tetra out in the MIDI Prefs?"

    my bad that was the issue, i tought i had to have it ON to be able to control the tetr4 with a m4l patch (which serve as editor)... duh!
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