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lots of questions from a totally blind electronic musician.

edited February 2013 in Hardware

hey all i'm trey from england and i'm totally blind for quite some time now i've been looking for a mixer style controller to use with reaper and i've also been wanting a monome style controller i think a livid instruments controller would be just rite but i have some questions. 

firstly are all the livid controllers completely midi addressable? and what does "RGB" mean? 

secondly what language is the controller editor software written in? also what format does the html editor take? flash html5 text based? a graphical representation of what ever controller you have? or a mix of grafic and text basedd? would it be possable to wright accessible editor  controller  software if nun is available? 

what's the livid instruments return policy like? 

and lastly please could some one take a look at this software: 

and tell me if they think livid controlers would work with it? 

i know i'm asking a lot but your help would mean a lot to me as i have very  little in-depth knollage of this kind of thing thanks in advance kind regards trey 

ps for any one who wants to know how i'm reeding this forum i'm using the voice over screen reeder for mac os10.


  • Midi-addressable? Yes - you can assign most/all of the controls to any MIDI note or Continuous Control (CC). Some software like Ableton Live have control scripts that can auto-map the controller to the software. I assume Reaper will let you map midi to whatever controls you need.

    RGB means Red-Green-Blue. That's in reference to the multi-color LEDs used in the buttons. In other words, the buttons will light up different colors depending on what's happening with your software.

    The editors are written as Max applications. Refer to for more info on Max. The new web-based editors use HTML and javascript, but they rely on a plugin called Jazz-Plugin to communicate with the controller. My guess is this might work OK for you.

    You might not need to worry about running the editor software unless you need to change the default configuration. Most folks just end up editing the midi-map inside their DAW.

    SurfaceReader seems like it should work with the Livid controllers since they are just sending MIDI note and CC data to the computer. It may depend more on your software than on the controller.

    Hope that helps.

  • so what defult settings can you change with the editer?

  • You can change the note numbers, whether a control sends a cc or a note, the midi channel, and a few other things like local control (whether a buttons lights up when pressed), toggle mode (sends note on when pressed, and another note when pressed again). Is there something specific you need?

  • hie jay i'm not really sure to be honest i'de really like to ring your company to talk about this further as its the easiest way for me is there a number i can call to talk to some one? i don't mind international calling kind regards trey.

  • sure. ring us at 512-582-7272

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