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edited February 2013 in Hardware

Hello everyone, I recently have a new CNTRL_R and I already have the editor and a script for Ableton Live that I found here...

But I don´t know how I can modify this script in the editor or in other application to change some things that comes with those scripts.
For example, I want to control the solo and mute with other LEDs color and with other buttons. I want to change the position of the play, pause and rec buttons. Can you understand my questions?
In other words, I want to customize that script in the best way for me. Modify a lot that script already done, not just MIDI Learn, I bought Livid to avoid those things of the other controller brands, the short mapping. Can somebody explain me with something for a beginner in this kind of controllers not for a professional programmer.
Thanks a lot


  • I tried to reply to you several days ago, and for some reason my comment got lost, sorry.

    Editing the Ableton CNTRLR script isn't a simple affair.  You'll need to know something about programming in order to be successful, I'm afraid.  

    If you're interested in learning some Python (necessary for editing the scripts) a good place to start is here:

    Many users have learned enough Python to make the changes they want to the scripts, but asking a question like "what's a simple way to do what I want" is kind of like going to a mechanic and asking him "what's a simple way to rebuild this engine":  there's not a simple answer, and you're going to need some foundation before an answer I can provide is going to be useful, sorry.  
  • edited February 2013

    Thanks amounra! I'm not a programmer but with that link, I see that I can learn... Thats not a problem anymore, I appreciate your reply. I'm going to follow those things, and if something it's wrong I ask you again. Thanks! 

    PD: If you have more things like that link, please let me know!! 
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