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CNTRL:R central knobs

edited February 2013 in Hardware

dear forum readers and livid instruments friends,

one quick question: can you please explain me which knobs in cntrl:r are actually endless and which are not?

I seem to understand that the top central 12 knobs are endless.

having used a variety of midi controllers before, I know that for example I can not map a dry/wet effect parameter in ableton on an endless knob.

it would be a bit of a let down to find out that such 12 knobs are endless. it would prevent me from using it the way I want to, and, worse, maybe prevent me from buying it.

or please let me know if there's a way to map them the way I want to even though they're endless.

thank you very much.



  • Hi. Yes the central 12 knobs are endless. Why wouldn't you be able to assign a wet/dry effect? The encoders work the same way a regular rotary pot does, but instead of having a stopping point they have an LED indicator to show you where you are.

  • This knobs are endless encoders but because of it's LED feedback which gives you 0 and 127 value you can't map it as standard jogwheel pitchband and such. You should still be able to map it easily for dry/wets and pretty much any other effect or volume parameter where LED's only takes advantage when you are switching between CNTRL:R banks or software modifier states because LED feedback will always display position right where your parameters are which is awesome for bit advanced mappings.


  • thanks to the both of you.

    one more: are the 32 buttons on the lower row freely mappable? 

    I mean, I don't have to follow any sort of drum sequencing/step sequencing, right?

    I want to use them for play and stop button in ableton live and for switching efx on and off.

  • Yes. All the buttons on the CNTRL:R are freely mappable!

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