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Code editor crash on start

edited February 2013 in Software Discussion

Code editor crash on start, when it try to scan for device
Win Xp sp3, java & quicktime (downloaded today)



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  • edited February 2013

    Doesn't work too

    I got an error message when i try to install jazz plugin "JazzControl.dll failed to register" (firefox)

  • Very nice !
    Jazz plugins 1.1 installed via firefox

    I don't see the midi in menu
    it doesn't recognise the device (I Tried all midi input i have)

  • I'm unclear on the result here: you tried to install and you got "JazzControl.dll failed to register", but somehow you got it install correctly? 
    You'll need to install Jazz Plugin 1.2: Download

    What is the firmware version on your code? Which code editor (standalone app) did you try? 

  • "somehow you got it install correctly"
    here (version 1.1)

    I know I need to install 1.2, but it doesn't work. (exactly the same result than with the 1.1 version)

    "What is the firmware version on your code"
    How can I know it ? (don't tell me it's with "Code editor" ...)

    "Which code editor (standalone app) did you try? "

    with Java 6 & 7 and quicktime 6 & 7 (lastest versions)

  • It's normal to see 2 midi (unnamed ...) inputs used by the Code in my sequencer ?

  • XP unfortunately doesn't show the ports with their proper names - it just shows "USB-AUDIO" or something like that. There are 2 ports on the Code - one for the USB and one for the MIDI jacks.

    For the browser plug-in, you'll definitely need version 1.2. I'm curious if you can get the 1.2 version installed on Chrome? 
    Here's some other considerations:
    Quit all browsers and applications before installing the Jazz plugin.
    Make sure you don't have any other MIDI apps open when using the editor. Windows only allows one application to "bind" to a controller.
    Make sure that your OS is behaving correctly with MIDI. You can test the controller with MIDIOX

  • I'm curious if you can get the 1.2 version installed on Chrome?

    Jazz plugin is a "msi package" it's the same problem, i have the message "JazzControl.dll failed to register" (even with chrome installed)

    "Here's some other considerations: ..."
    Be sure I tried all of this with a clean machine, and with another one too.

    Make sure that your OS is behaving correctly with MIDI"
    I'm sure, I never had a midi problem. and I don't think it's a midi problem.
    For the Code editor I think it's Java or quicktime (two softwares I don't like ...)
    For the Jazz plugin I don't know.

    The Code seems to working well in Cubase, no problem.

  • Ah, so you get "JazzControl.dll failed to register" when you try to install, not from the browser?

  • I found this:

    that indicates a similar issue. However, it sounds like the plugin worked in Chrome regardless of that error. Can you see if that is the case?

  • It doesn't work, i got this:
    It's a little bit better, i see the midi in/out section

    when I go to editor page, (when the midi in/out section is yellow and prompt) the device selected is the Code (usb) (it's the first on the list)
    I can't select this one but I can select the others ... but just when it's yellow, after I can select the Code
    It's the same on Firefox or Chrome

  • "XP unfortunately doesn't show the ports with their proper names"
    unfortunately Livid didn't make a driver ...

  • edited February 2013

    I found a way to install the jazz plugin (1.2) without error message
    I had to install the visual c++ library (2008)
    but it still doesn't work (firefox & chrome)

    The only change is: I see the midi in/out selector in firefox now, but not the devices
    I see my "nanokorg" inside (a very cheap 40$ master keyboard but supplied with a driver .......) but that's all (in firefox)

    I plugged my code in windows 7, my firmeware is 2.07

  • hmm...I'm a bit stumped on this one. if possible, I'd like to take a look at this remotely. Please email me at pete at lividinstruments dot com

  • After spending some time on Lapin's computer, it seems the issue is related to windows XP and the French language. Windows XP doesn't properly pass the port name. It lists it as "P riph rique Audio USB" - for whatever reason, XP is unable to pass the "é" character. As a result, any attempt to use this name to open a MIDI port results in failure. 

    This is just an educated guess, however, and I'm unable to confirm with my own install of XP. Can anyone confirm this?

  • "Can anyone confirm this?" I can !
    I just solved it !

    I edited C:\windows\inf\wdma_usb.inf
    lines 1521 & 1522 (maybe only one is enough but I don't test it)

    USB\CLASS_01.DeviceDesc="Périphérique audio USB"
    USBGenericDesc="Périphérique audio USB"

    changed to

    USB\CLASS_01.DeviceDesc="Paripharique audio USB"
    USBGenericDesc="Paripharique audio USB"

    and reinstall the driver so now the code is "Paripharique audio USB" 'I will choose a better name later ...

    Tested with Jazzplugin/java/firefox

    It works !!!

  • Wow! Great work! I searched for a way to do this, and only found other people's frustrations!

    For the sake of google...
    how do I change the name of the MIDI port on windows XP for class compliant USB MIDI driver?

    Amazing! Thank you again.

  • That's not all, I made a "driver" (not really a driver but now the Code is recognised by the Code ID)
    because the first solution doesn't solve the conflict problem between the code and others no named devices, just change the name of the generic devices

    so I edited a second time the C:\windows\inf\wdma_usb.inf

    add this line in [Manufacturer] section:

    add this two lines in [Strings] section: (end of the file)
    USB\Vid_04D8&PID_FB3C&MI_00.DeviceDesc="Livid Code"

    add all of this:

    Include=ks.inf, wdmaudio.inf
    Needs=KS.Registration, WDMAUDIO.Registration
    KnownFiles = USBAudio.KnownFiles



    Include=ks.inf, wdmaudio.inf
    Needs=KS.Registration, WDMAUDIO.Registration
    KnownFiles = USBAudio.KnownFiles

    AddService = usbaudio,0x00000002, usbaudio_Service_Inst


    I used "USBDeview" to got the code ID:

    I think this method work with any no driver devices (on win XP)

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