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Analog Ribbon disabling the Brain v2

edited January 2013 in Hardware

I'm an absolute noob at this, but following the wiki & tutorial videos step-by-step was incredibly helpful. Every step was followed successfully. However, when I plug in the Analog ribbon cable into the Brainv2 buss board, the lights turn off & therefore the USB connection (I'm assuming) is unpowered. Is this common? Is there a workaround for this? Anxious to use this for playing live...



  • sounds like you have something plugged in backwards. What do you have at the other end of the ribbon cable?

  • Doing the standard setup of 4 buttons, 4 faders, 4 knobs. The cable that's giving me trouble is the one coming from "slide 1 4 pot 13-16" into the 1st analog slot on the bussboard. As soon as I complete the connection, I instantly lose all power to the Brain... Cringing at the thought of retracing my steps and starting from scratch :/

  • A simple check is to make sure the cable isn't plugged in backwards. This is what would happen if you had this setup. If it doesn't fix it you'll definitely need to 2x check your analog connections.

  • hmm, pretty sure I had all cables in correctly (lining them up with the arrows...). will have to retrace my steps and figure out what's going on

  • are these cables you ordered from us or somewhere else?

  • Yep, the 10 pin ribbon cables via the Builder set

  • This definitely sounds like a something is grounding out the board. The most common way this occurs is by having an analog plugged in backwards, but you say you have your cables plugged in properly.. You determined that it is the slide 1-4/pot13-16 cable that is grounding it out? I would try plugging it in to the brain backwards from how you have been doing it. Only flip one end of the cable.

    Beyond that, I would check to see if you have a bridge near one of the analog controls associated with this ribbon cable. Or maybe a bridge near the header.

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