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edited January 2013 in Hardware

I get a lot of people asking about where they can buy enclosures for their own DIY projects. Here at livid we have the equipment to make our own enclosures out of sheet aluminum and custom extrusions, but I realize that may not be feasible for someone who doesn't have access to manufacturing equipment. Here are some resources for those who don't.

This company will do everything from making custom cutout faceplates to full enclosures. They even have software that can guide you through the process. I know builders who use them and I can say for certain they do a pretty good job.

If you are ever going to build anything at all, this should be your first stop for electronics, components, tools, etc.. They have a ton of off the shelf enclosures that are fairly cheap. You might not find the sexiest selection here, but it'll be cheap and easy to work with.



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