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CNTRL:R Editor preset file

edited January 2013 in Software Discussion

I was wondering what the actual name of the preset file and extension for the Cntrl:r editor is?  I'd like to search for the actual file on my system (Mac Lion) so  can recover it from an older backup.  The directory listed in the wiki does not seem to be correct in my case.

Many thanks!



  • The path should be ~/Library/Application Support/Livid/xxxx

    Where xxxx is "CNTRLR Editor" or something like that.

  • Thanks Steven, but do you know what that the actual filename would be?

  • PsetMIDI.xml

  • Thanks, Jay!

    Strangely I can't find such a file on my system.  I wanted to search for the exact file so I could replace it w/ a backed up version after accidentally overwriting a custom preset . . .

  • What files do you see here? ~/Library/Application Support/Livid/

  • Strangely enough I don't have a Livid folder in the ~/Library/Application Support folder.  Perhaps the editor installed improperly (though it works for midi spy and setting LEDs, etc.)?

  • are you looking in your user or HD directory?

  • I was looking in my HD directory, my user directory doesn't have a Library folder; there is a Library folder in Users/Shared but no Livid folder in the Application Support folder.

  • on Mountain Lion (and Lion I think), the user directory Library folder is hidden by default.

    you can still access it via the Finder Go Menu.

    Go --> Go To Folder... 

    Then enter the path /Users/*your user here*/Library
  • Better late than never, but thx for the input, that worked!

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