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Push/Turn boards connected to brain v2

edited January 2013 in Hardware

Total newbie question but can anyone shed some more light how to connect these up to the brain V2. What wire is needed to connect them, and how you go about doing it

Thanks :)


  • It's best to use the direct wiring method

    But i'd really recommend the omni boards, it's much easier.
  • Thanks Jay. I think i understand how to connect the buttons now its just for 8 buttons in a row of 2 and 4 collums so I can just go  
    BR1 +BC1 
    BR 2 + BC 2
    BR 1 + BC 2
    BR 2 + BC 2
    BR 1 + BC 3
    BR2 + BC 3 

    If i then wanted to created another load of buttons else where would I just start to connect up where I left of on the brain? How would this work if I then wanted a few odd buttons here and there.

    Also what wire would be best to do the connecting to the brain?

    Thanks for your time!

  • The easiest way is to just use a 10 pin ribbon cable. Cut one end off so you can plug one end in and then strip the cut ends and solder them to your buttons. The first 2 wires of each ribbon cable are column pins and the rest of the 10 wires are row pins. Simply connect any combination of column wires to one side of a button. Then solder a diode to the other contact of the button and solder the end of the diode to any row pin. Buttons can share the same column pin or row pin as long as there are no buttons solder to the same combination of column/row. Each header will allow you to connect up to 16 buttons if you use all the combinations. Then just go to another header.
    Remember, each button header on the buss board has
    pin1 - column1
    Pin2 - column 2
    pin3-10 - Row 1 - 8

    Your example will not work off of a single header since you have it set for 3 columns.
    You would be better with something like

    Then if you want more buttons just do the same using the BC2 pin.

  • Hi, 

    Ok so I now understand the hacker method into the brain so please correct me where im wrong, connecting up 
    8 buttons in 2 rows + 4 columns SMALL PUSH BOARD

    Daisy chain the push boards up via BC - then connect the daisy chain to the first ribbon cable

    Then connect the BR of all the buttons to their own wire on the ribbon cable accordantly starting with the 3rd (as 2 is used for columns)

    I think this is right apart from im not sure if I use only one column wire on the ribbon cable or both of them?

    Also from there I would need to work out the led matrix once I know I've got this right!


  • You've got it! There is not need for the second column wire at this point if you are hooking it up as Travis described.

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