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Alpha: Web-based Editors for CodeV2, CNTRL:R, and Alias8

edited January 2013 in Hardware
We've been working on porting all the editors so they work in a browser. So far, we have CodeV2, CNTRL:R, and Alias8 up and running. There's still some rough edges and probably a couple bugs, but they do work!
Just go to:
and follow the link to install the Jazz MIDI plugin. This provides MIDI in/out capabilities to the browser.
We recommend any browser except Safari. It will work on that, but it has a few quirks. 
Once it's installed, load up your browser with the above link, and select the MIDI port your controller is on. 
The app will discover your controller and get all the settings from it.
If you change controllers, all you have to do is plug in the other controller, then reload the page, and select the port. If the controller is already plugged in, you can just select its port from the menu and everything will refresh as needed.
These work more or less like the CodeV2 editor:
Because it's not immediately obvious, I'll mention that you can use the "R" "G" & "B" buttons in the LED inspector to illuminate buttons (and the on/off button for the Code's monochrome LEDs)

I haven't tried this on windows yet, but I don't expect much difficulty. 
I've only tried using this with the Alias8 on preset 01, so don't know what will happen if you try to edit the device on other presets.

Please let us know your experience and any issues you have!

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like - please let me know if that's what it looks like for you (more or less!)



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