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A few Stepp:r questions

edited January 2013 in Software Discussion
Hi, just started playing w/ Stepp:r and enjoying it so far, but I have a few questions still after checking the wiki and the forum here.

1) Is there an easy way to clear a whole pattern?  By whole pattern I mean clear the steps of all the instruments in the drum rack.  It looks like the Accent sequencer has a clear feature, but not sure if it exists or I missed it in Stepp:r?

2) Is there an easy way to load a new drum rack onto an existing Stepp:r channel?

I ask b/c these are features that would be really handy in a live jamming situation where you don't want to (or can't) load a new project.



  • 1) - The Stepp:rs don't have a clear all. We can add it in a future update.
    2) You can hotswap the drum rack that is on the same channel of the stepp:r. Alternatively, you can just add more sounds above the existing sounds in the drum rack, and use the transpose buttons to move a sequence to a new pad, either by 1 step or by 16 steps (i.e., a whole "kit").
  • edited January 2013
    1) No, not currently.  Accent uses a completely different engine, but I'll look and see if there's an easy way to do it in Steppr.

    2) Sort of.  My suggestion is to use the "offset" to change to a different drum in the same rack.  The implementation is different between Accent and Steppr.  In Steppr, you can arbitrarily change the output MIDI output assignment of a voice ad hoc, whereas in Accent, you can transpose the entire instrument by increments of 16.  So instead of loading a new DrumRack, you just fill your drumrack and move around inside of it.

    You can always drop a new DrumRack on top of the old one, and just select a new voice:  the Steppr/Accent should detect the new Rack and reselect it's chosen parameters.  I'd stay away from this approach, though, just b/c Live tends to bog when loading instruments.

    ::edit  I guess Pete and I were posting @ the same time;  nice to know we're on the same page :)
  • Hi, ok, I will try the transpose and offset, though I'm not sure offset is available in Stepp:r?

    I would use Accent instead, but it lacks channel mutes which I really like using in Stepp:r.

    As for clearing the pattern, I was thinking of saving a blank preset and loading that whenever I want to start fresh.  Will report back w/ my results . . .
  • edited January 2013
    You might try uses essentially the same engine as Accent, but in addition has a lot of bells and whistles.  It's part of the b994 Monomodular distribution, but doesn't actually require Monomodular in order to work.  You can find info here:

    It's still in development, so unfortunately you might find a few bugs with that version.  Still, I was using it successfully for a while before we released Accent.
  • Amounra -- Hex looks cool from the vids, will def. try it out!
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