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Editing the ohmmodes

edited January 2013 in Software Discussion


  • i'd also be interested in this, how difficult would it be to change the buttons on the playing page to just 64 chromatic notes on one channel, like it is on the launchpad?
  • Greetings Jay,

    I was going to open a new topic, but I think that my question applies to this thread -

    I'm looking to replace the pan functionality from ohm 64/ohm rgb/&cntrlr ohmmode scripts with a "superknob" macros that controls an autofilter on each channel - do you have any tips on best practices for this change (or a nudge in the right direction)
  • edited January 2013

    Will mapping using Live's MIDI Learn function not suffice?  This would override the scripts assignments.

  • also is there any way to make, say, the DJing page come up as the default page when live is turned on instead of the mixing page?

  • Try adding this in __init__() as a new line after self.show_message('OhmModes Control Surface Loaded'):

    self._shift_mode._mode_index = 2

    I think that will do it, let me know if you have any trouble.


  • Hi amounra - I can make the edit using lives midi learn. but then I lose the functionality of the script assignments for the functions that I overrode (sp?)

    quick example:
    - place an autofilter on track 1 of 8
    - use lives midi learn to assign the knob on the cntrlr that is currently scripted to handle pan for furthest left track
    - using the buttons in the lower right hand corner of the cntrlr navigate lives clip control box over to the right

    Result - loss of access to functions for the knob that was reassigned - in this case, the function that was reassigned doesn't travel with the clip focus box, etc... you know the scoop. I'd like to modify the script to get rid of direct access to pan. A decent number of knobs are being reserved for a function that i don't need that level of access to. I'd much rather reassign those knobs and keep the rest of the script in tact (if that's an option)
  • Ok, gotcha.   Yeah, it's totally possible, but certainly not straightforward.  There's not really a _Framework component that will do what you're talking about, so you'd have to write a set of methods or class yourself to handle that.  But it certainly can be done, I'd need to know EXACTLY what you were trying to do in order to help you though.


  • Just getting back to this discussion - apologies for the delay and thank you for being so informative. I'll outline things out for myself and reply with my desires - in general, this will be a good exercise for me.

  • Hi, I have the same question as Sam. What would be the best way to remap the ohm modes template or create my own so that I have 3 more layers of clip launching? There's also a few other functions I'd like to alter and eventually create my own template with my own custom pages and mappings. What would be the best way to go about learning and accomplishing this?

  • Wow, that's a pretty open ended question.  It's hard to say, do you have any experience coding in Python?  That's where you'd need to start, and then learn some things about the _Framework specifically.  Hanz Petrov's _Framework blog is a good starting point:

  • I'm a little late in this thread, but that was me Amounra that you made that custom script for that had the 8x8 matrix.  Upgraded to Live 9 which broke the script so I'm back here in the forums looking for a resolution and I saw this thread.

  • Hi, I'm also after the same script as onhel. Or just a copy of the first basic script for Ohm64 (the one created by Mike Chenetz) to work in Live 9. Thanks

  • @ Onhel: for the record (and I'll send you a seperate email) I'm working on this but I'm a bit behind as I've been really ill for the last week.  

    @ Silltoe:  different script all together....Onhel is asking for an update of a commissioned script I wrote for him that was a modification of the OhmModes script.
  • Hello everyone, I know this is an old discussion but I'm an curious to know if any of you achieved changing the mute, solo and record buttons for more clips since I also want to do this. I would  be very grateful If someone could point me in the right direction. I'm using Ableton Live 8

  • @Sam Di you have any luck with this >>>


    Totally looking to use those last 3 rows for clips as well.
  • I made a script like this for Onhel, there's a copy for Live8 and Live9.  Here's a link:

    I don't have a copy of the Live8 script at my disposal right now, but I bet Angel would give it to you if you messaged him...if not, I'll try to dig up a copy when I get to my other machine.
  • LSP
    edited August 2013

    @Amounra - thanks for linking this. Will this allow me to over-ride the auto-assignment of the knobs on my Omh when I'm using the Ommodes script?

    The script is brilliant EXCEPT I have no need for pans, would love to reassign those knobs to filters/EQs etc.

  • You can always override the script assignments by using MIDI learn in that what you're after?


  • Hi amounra,

    is there any zip file available for Live9? I have troubles to download the github files. I have an old mac and cannot install the new github client. I really like to use your phyton Ohm rgb script with the Live 8x8 Clip Matrix.

    Best regards,

  • edited December 2013

    What OS are you using?  I can give you the current version, but I'm making a lot of changes right now so you might want to stay current....

    I use Sourcetree for a github's a little more complicated, but it might work better on your system.

    Drop me your email, we can sort it out.  I've sent you a PM with my email addy.

    Actually, you can download a zip of the current archive from the GitHub repo's site.  There's a link on the right of the page if you're viewing the repo, here's a copy:


  • Thank you amounra,

    i am running mac os x 10.9. I will try this zip and looking forward for the upcomming changes :-)


  • One more question,
    which of theese files are the right ones?
    There are so many files :-)

  • You'll need to put all the folders inside the Live9 Python Scripts folder inside Live's MIDI Remote Scripts folder. Make sure to restart Live after you've put the scripts in their proper place.

    There's installation instructions on the Monomodular wiki, but they are kind of old....I'm still working on getting everything finalized for Live9, so things are still in flux a bit.  Everything works, but I'm not going to update the documentation until everything is finished (hopefully soon!).  Let me know if you have any trouble, I'm glad to help.

  • Thank you so much :-)

    Great work.

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