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Alias 8 Ableton Live Script Beta

edited January 2013 in Software Discussion
We have a new script for Alias 8 for Live 8 available for beta testing. It's a fairly simple script and very easy to use. Here are the features.

• each channel controls a track in Live. 
• the top two knobs control sends A and B
• fader controls volume for the track
• top button  activates track
• bottom button arms track
• press the bank encoder to turn it into CC mode, this will let you use the "red box:" to navigate the session to control an unlimited number of tracks in Live.

After you place it in your remote script folder in Ableton Live, make sure you live preferences look like this. image

It can be downloaded here. Please give us your feedback!



  • No luck downloading it, might have a corrupted file, its downloading but not fully
  • link worked thank you
    however i am facing the same issues with this preset I am facing with others :
    - only the certain buttons lights up when loaded (in this case it is the first column)
    - when i press on any of the buttons that has light the light would go off and wont go back on when i press it again, the light would go back again if i used the mouse and pressed on the button assigned to it on ableton.
    - the lights under the knobs are off i can't get them to light up. is there a way to test if they are working ?

    thank you 
  • can you post a screenshot of your preferences?
  • edited January 2013
  • Are you running the Alias or the Ohm?
  • I am using Alias as a control surface 
  • It looks like you have an Ohm connected too? Maybe AudioMIDI is recognizing the Alias as an Ohm? If that's happening unplug all you controllers, open Applications>Utilities>AudioMIDI Setup and show MIDI window. Go ahead and delete everything in there then plug the controllers back in.
  • did that still not light under the logo nor the knobs, and now actually no light on the pads unless i push any of them 

  • Does it show up as Alias8 now?
    how many tracks do you have enabled in Live?
  • I am getting Alias c
    i have enabled 8 channels 

  • I guess the problem is that the computer is not sending a return signal to the controller so thats the led's re-launching, does that make any sense ?

  • Hi,

    How can I download this script ? The link seems corrupted...


  • There is a script included with our installer, here:

    If you download "Live 9 Remote Scripts for all Livid Controllers' for your operating system, it will install all of our remote scripts, including the one for Alias.


  • edited April 2014

    Hi Amounra,

    Thanks. I already try our script and it work's, but this features is missing :(

    press the bank encoder to turn it into CC mode, this will let you use the "red box:" to navigate the session to control an unlimited number of tracks in Live.

    PS: the installer "
    Live  9.1  versions for Macdoesn't install alias8 remote script, I had to move its directory by the finder
  • Hey.

    Do anyone have any advice how can I map all my 8 faders to all the 15 banks of my allias 8 in Live 9? A

    Thanks in advance!
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