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brain seems to be too sensitive for my buttons

edited November -1 in Hardware
i am building a guitar rig controler with the L.I. brain.
i got my buttons working but i have a constant problem.

for example: when i hit the 1st button, (ordenary pedalboard switch) i get the key note "0" with the value "0". when i hit it again i get the key note "0" with a value "64".
so far so good.
but sometimes (randomly) i get 3 or five or more of the explained steps at once.

a random example:

1st hit: 0,64,0
2nd hit: 64
3rd hit: 0
4th hit: 64
5th hit: 0
6th hit: 64,0,64
7th hit: 0,64,0
sometimes even more cyrcles like: 0,64,0,64,0

the only thing that seems constant is, when i'm expecting the value let's say "64" because the last value was "0", i get the value no matter how many cyrles had been going on before.
you can see this in the example above.

i than swaped the buttons several times. different manufaterers, different pricees. nothing healped. now i'm stuck!

so in guitar rig, when assigned to a parameter such as "next preset" this circumstance is inacceptable, because i would randomly skip some presets. this would be a shock if happend live on stage...

so what can i do about it? the buttons are connected via direct connection.
please help!

thanks in advance!
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