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DIY Mixing Console

edited November -1 in Hardware
Hi All

I am thinkin of building a mixing console to work with Propellorheads Record software and I just have a few questions first.

On my design there will be 12 channels - each with 1 fader, 1 pan knob , 3 knobs for eq and 2 buttons for solo and mute.

Question 1:

The mixer on Record is modelled on a SSL mixer has has really good eq. There are 10 knobs in total - 2 for high freq, 3 for high mid, 3 for low mid and 2 for bass.

So im wondering if I can switch the knob(software one in record) that I am controlling with the physical knob.

In other words I want the physical knob controlling a knob in Record and then when I push the button it switches to the other knob in Record , So is this possible?

Question 2:

Can you get more leds from The Brain?

Also Im very very very new to electronics so I dont know much but if anyone could help me out by telling me exactly what I need for this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

J Walker
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