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Ohm64 connection/midi issues

edited November -1 in Software Discussion
Hello all,

I recieved my Ohm64 about 2 weeks ago. It did not connect on my own computer at the time (Vista) but it did work on a Mac in a studio with no issues (which I have been using to program Max patches for the controller). The controller also worked on a friends computer (Windows 7) without any problems.

I have since updated my computer to Windows 7, in a clean install, and after having some driver and connectivity issues, I have finally been able to get midi data into MIDI-OX from the controller (on the "Ohm64" device). However, both Max and the Ohm Editor do not recieve any MIDI data. And, the Ohm Editor displays "No Ohm64 was detected" but I can still select the Ohm64 from the drop down list (without any connection of course)

The strange part. . .
In Max: Max recognizes the Ohm64 is connected, and displays Inputs "Ohm64" and "MIDIIN2 (Ohm64)" as well as Outputs "Ohm64" and "MIDIOUT2 (Ohm64)"

-When starting max and opening a new patcher, the Ohm64 will become inactive (all LEDS off and the logo flashing on and off).
-Once I make a "ctlin" object or similar, the Ohm64 goes active. I can even select the Ohm64 from the ctlin object. Nontheless, I receive no Ctrl data, Note data etc.

Any ideas?

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