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Builder - Help me with this.

edited November -1 in Hardware
I've always wanted to make my own MIDI percussion(I really want to make a MIDI mallet keyboard, a la the MalletKat) but I've never been available to afford a good sound module to handle piezo triggers.

I've also struggled wrapping my mind around getting plain HID signals to MIDI and doing it all with velocity control, which is very important to me...( If I wanted to play the same sample at the same volume each time, I could hit the spacebar in Windows Media Player.)

So I came across Builder and I think it's what I've been looking for.

My first choice would be a single FSRs(force sensing resistor) per note or sample, wired into a Turn Board as an analog input. (Do/Can FSRs even work the same as a rotary potentiometer? One side would be wired to voltage (with a capacitor?), the resisted output would be the "wiper terminal", and since they usually only have two terminals(variable resistance?), the ground, which is just to provide a point of reference(something about division ratios?), could be added by wiring a low voltage resistor, to the voltage lead, am I correct?

Could it be possible for the Brain to sense a peak in the wiper signal, then trigger the note and the respective velocity? With 64 inputs, a 4 octave marimba would still have a few empty headers.

My second choice would be to piezo sensors(contact mics), but I don't think the brain can read triggers.

My third choice and the one I think is the most realistic is for each pad to have a pressure SWITCH wired as a button and a pressure SENSOR to assign the velocity, but would that cause problems when playing multiple notes at the same time?

Are there any, much more practical options that I do know about, while keeping in line with the DIY/ cost effective aspect?

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