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New to building, advice please.

edited November -1 in Hardware

I'm not new to MIDI, but have never built my own controller before. I've been challenged by work to build 4 controllers, and I think the components here may do what I need. So, some questions.

The controllers are quite heavy in terms of components, they have approx 84 buttons, 12 rotary pots, 12 linear sliders and all the buttons need to give LED feedback (i.e. green all the time unless pressed, then red etc).

I'm guessing the brain can't cope with that many controls? If not, can I hook two together?

Also, can anyone suggest a good UK company who can CNC the control's aluminium front panel? I want a nice pro finish.

Would it be easier to offer help if I posted an image of the board I'm looking to build?

Cheers, T.
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